January 20, 2014

Freezing Royal Icing continued

This weekend I had a chance to use some of the royal icing that I froze a few weeks ago and wanted to show you the results. If you missed my last post on Freezing Royal Icing be sure to check it out.

 Let your icing sit covered on the counter for 30 minutes. Remove lid and portion of the saran wrap. Spoon out the amount of icing you are wanting to color in a bowl. Make sure you place the saran wrap back over icing that you are not using.

This is the consistency of the icing after freezing for 2 weeks and only removing from the freezer to unthaw one time.

From here, I color and thin my icing to the consistency that I will be using.

These adorable Hello Kitty cookies were done using nothing but the royal icing that had been in the freezer for 2 weeks.

Works like a charm every time. 

If you still have unused icing left in the container, place saran wrap on top, just as I showed in the Freezing Royal Icing post. Then place back in the freezer.  You will notice the more you freeze and unthaw, the consistency of the icing will change. It becomes a little thinner with each unthawing.

My next post? Freezing cookies that have already been decorated with Royal Icing. This is something I have never tried before. Cookies are in the freezer now. Results will be soon……..


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