March 08, 2013

Monkey Tutorial

I love monkey's!! I really do.  I want one as a pet.  Well maybe not, but I can watch them at the zoo for hours and laugh the entire time.  Since I can't have a monkey as a pet, I will show you how to make your very own monkey.

These little guys are so easy to make and they only take a few colors.  Ready to get started?

Supplies needed:

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  You can find my favorites in my Recipe tab.
Monkey cutter  - you can find the one I used here.  My sweet friend from Cookies to Go let me borrow hers. 
edible marker
Piping consistency (20 second) royal icing in bright white, black, ivory and warm brown Americolor 
Flood royal icing (10 - 12 second) in black, ivory and warm brown Americolor

A.  I started out by tracing around my monkey cutter with a pencil and then creating a monkey face.

B. Using a edible marker (I always try to use a light color) copy your design onto the cookie.

C.  This shows how it will look.  Not to pretty, huh?  The icing will cover all these markings.  I need them for a guide on where I want my icing to go.

I always start with the eyes first.  I'm not sure if this is the correct way, but it works for me.  To make the eyes you will be using your bright white and black icing.  The white icing I used is about a 20 second consistency and the black was around 10 to 12 second consistency.

A. Outline the eyes using your bright white icing and immediately flood.

B. While the icing is still wet, use your black icing and make the black part of the eye.

C.  Immediately add a dot of white to the wet black icing.

There you go!  Eyes are done.  See how easy that was? Let these eyeballs dry for about 30 minutes.

Using the 20 second consistency, outline the rest of your markings in ivory.  After you are done doing the outline you should let it set for maybe 15 to 30 minutes to dry.  But if you're me?  You wait maybe 5 - 10 minutes. 

Staying with that same 20 second consistency, I flooded the nose.  I wanted this part to appear "poofy".  You can achieve the "poofy" look by using a thicker flood.  But you don't want to go too thick.  20 second icing, I think, is perfect for this.

Go ahead now and thin your ivory icing down to maybe a 10-12 second consistency.  You will use this consistency to flood around the eyes and into the ears.

See how the nose just kind of pops?  I love this!! Just what I was wanting to achieve. 

Using your warm brown 20 second icing, outline the rest of the monkey on the outside edge only.  Sorry, forgot to take this picture.  Let this sit for at least 30 minutes. You do not want the flooding for the next step to run into the ivory. While your waiting patiently, go ahead and thin your warm brown down to the 10 - 12 consistency. 

Once your 30 minutes or so is up, flood in the rest using your warm brown.

Let his dry over night.  Now all that's left is a line for the nose and a smile.  Using the piping consistency black, add a dot or a line for the nose and a happy face.......or a pacifier.....or whatever YOU like.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  These are so much work and I have all the respect in the world for the bloggers that choose this method of teaching.  Maybe at some point I will try a video tutorial.  


  1. Truly adorable! Perfect for a baby shower!